During the COVID-19 shutdown, Palm Springs-based artist JC MacQueen found inspiration for new work right at his feet — the pavement, actually. His new series of photographs focus on the shadows, stains, and detritus he finds on the concrete sidewalks and surfaces.

“The photographs are then exaggerated to figures, landscapes, and phantasms for the viewer to investigate and dream with,” he explains. “The photographs remind us of mundane common elements that in observation become exotic.”

The new series earned MacQueen a $500 grant to from the nonprofit California Desert Arts Council (CDAC) to “Keep Art Alive.”

CDAC and La Quinta Arts Foundation established a $50,000 Keep Art Alive fund to award grants to Coachella Valley artists and arts organizations who create thoughtful, inspiring, and relevant works responding to the pandemic.

Visit JC MacQueen online at jcmacqueen.com.