Neil Simon’s Rumors

“He said, she said ………… But he’s dead”
Hilarity abounds as guests arrive at the Deputy Mayor and his wife’s New York City townhouse to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. The party never quite begins; the host has shot himself in the head (it’s only a flesh wound) and his wife is missing! His lawyer’s cover-up gets progressively more difficult to sustain as other guests arrive and no one can remember who has said what to whom. Doors slam, people run up and down the stairs, in and out of the bathroom and the kitchen. Join Desert Theatre works for this spellbinding, side-splitting gem of a comedy by Amer…


Feb 07 2020 - Mar 01 2020


Price: $25 / $30 / $32

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Indio Performing Arts Center
45175 Fargo St, Indio, CA 92201