Remember when restaurants had cigarette machines? They were staples, like jukeboxes, and often reflected the design sensibilities of the day. They were sleek and space-aged, Art Deco, and many other styles. The National Vendors 222 Crown Series 22 Selection machine was especially popular. They all invited you to drop in your coins, pull the lever of your choice, and wait for the box to drop.

Soon you’ll be able to pull one of those levers and walk away with a work of art.

Christine Dodd, publisher of Palm Springs Art Patron Magazine, has been purchasing and refurbishing vintage cigarette machines to dispense miniature artworks — as tall as a box of 100s — for $25. The Art Box machines will appear at hotels and event venues around the desert, including Eight4Nine restaurant, which will install a box in January.

First she’s looking for 50 local artists to fill each Art Box with 20 signed and dated original or limited-edition works of art.

Here’s what you need to know:

• You’ll create 20 unique works in a series or one piece in a limited edition of 20 (marked x/20).
• The artwork will be representative of your work, and of similar quality.
• You’ll sign and date the each piece and place it in the provided box (which could actually be part of your artwork).
• You’ll deliver your art to Art Patron Magazine the first week of January.

If you’re interested, send a proposal to that includes:

• Three images of works you created in the last year
• Artist bio and contact information
• Artist statement
• Photo of artist (portrait or working in studio)
• Drawing/image and description of work to be dispensed in the Art Box

If selected to participate, Art Patron Magazine will tell you how it will market you and Art Box to optimize the opportunity for participating artists.

For every $25 sale, $10 goes to the artist, $10 to Art Patron Magazine, and $5 to a nonprofit organization in the Coachella Valley.

For more information, call 888-343-9908 or e-mail