"Communication" by Betty Gold

California Desert Arts Council created the Art Loan Program to connect artists to local businesses and their patrons.


The Art Loan program serves the Coachella Valley region and welcomes artists able to fulfill the local delivery installation requirements. The program seeks two-dimensional works, including paintings, works on paper (charcoal, pastel, ink, etc.), photography, and mixed media.



Artists submit their original artwork and commit to a 12-month loan term. CDAC maintains a database of available artwork. When local establishments request artwork, CDAC assesses their needs and makes recommendations. When a business selects artwork, CDAC prepares an agreement to be executed by the business, the artist, and CDAC. The establishment may purchase the art after the contract period expires.



  1. Complete the Art Loan Artist Application (below)
  2. Prepare and e-mail Applicant Art Inventory as a PDF:

• Create a document containing up to six (6) original art images for consideration (one artwork per page).
• Identify each work of art with its title, medium, dimensions, and full sale price.
• Save the document as a PDF, using the following naming convention: LastName_FirstName_ArtInventory
• Submit Art Inventory PDF to info@cadesertarts.org and type "Art Loan Program" in the subject line.

  1. Submit artist resume to info@cadesertarts.org, using the following naming convention: LastName_FirstName_ArtResume

If selected to participate in the Art Loan Program, you will be asked to supply high-quality, high-resolution JPG images and complete IDs for each artwork you wish to enter into your available loan inventory.



  1. Artist must enter into, and be bound by, the terms of the Art Loan Agreement.
  2. Artist must relinquish art for the 12-month loan period. No substitutions or exchanges will be made after the Art Loan Program Agreement is signed and artwork installed.
  3. Artist must deliver artwork to the business at an agreed upon time to maintain a chain of custody.
  4. Artist will be given credit where possible.
  5. Loan prices are based on the size of each work of art. The fee paid by the establishment is split 50/50 between the artist and California Desert Arts Council to cover installation and program costs.


Art Loan: Artist Application

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