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10 Tips to Craft Your Perfect Elevator Pitch

You’re in the supermarket when you run into a friend who wields some clout and influence in the community. After a polite “How are you?” she asks what you’re doing. Scrambling for a concise response, you freeze or, worse, ramble erratically. What you need is an elevator pitch — a short, persuasive speech that sparks…

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Expert Advice on How to Win an Arts Grant

There’s a lot of money out there for artists and arts organizations. If you want some of it, you need a plan. Three experts on the topic — grant writer Leigh Wiemann, arts administrator Brittany Delany, and artist Barbara Gothard — shared their best advice July 20 during an arts salon hosted by the City…

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How to Find and Pursue Arts Grants

Arts grants come in as many shapes and sizes as the range of arts projects they support. However, the process of applying for public and private grants can be tedious and complicated, and it’s almost always competitive. You you can lift your chances of winning a grant by attending CDAC’s free Arts Salon on July…

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